Female Masturbation Series

Learn more about female orgasm. In this series of instructional female masturbation videos, seven women, including both instructors and students of the Welcomed Consensus masturbate using the Deliberate Orgasm technique. With female orgasm as the model, the viewer can experience increased sensation, relaxation and see how to create optimum pleasure. These explicit videos show close-up shots of the woman’s genitalia during orgasm. Educational for both women and men, observe what is possible through the sensual research of these orgasmic women. Have fun by yourself or watching with a partner.

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What people are saying about these instructional female masturbation videos:

Love your DVDs. I wanted to thank you and tell you how great your video “Female Masturbation: Pleasures of a Woman in Orgasm – Elle” is. I have learned so much about the beautiful clitoris. Thank you for a wonderful DVD. Obviously a lot of satisfaction for me and an education as well. Every woman I’ve dated I’ve also taken great pride and enjoyment in. So far all of them have been satisfied. I’ll be sure to continue my education and pleasure with more videos.– Pleasingly yours, Chad S.
Customer’s Product: Pleasures of a Woman in Orgasm – Elle

“Brilliant sex video of female masturbation. Educational for men and women in how a woman likes to masturbate.” – R.K.
Customer’s Product: Orgasm One Stroke at a Time

“This video helped my partner and I be more open about discussing masturbation and about incorporating masturbation into our mutual sex play. I’ve been very happy with this video, and feel like I learn something new every time I watch it.” – J.T.
Customer’s Product: Clitoris, The Key to a Woman’s Pleasure