Female Masturbation Collection (6 Online Video Set)


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Six different women in orgasm, demonstrating what is possible for both women and men to learn and experience from female orgasm. Afford yourself the luxury of sensual pleasure and a better sex life.
This 6 video set includes:

A Guide to Your Orgasm

Recommended by Dr. Christiane Northrup in her bestseller Goddesses Never Age. Enhance your pleasure with this unique view of a woman’s orgasm, presented from the mind and body of a sensualist. Through intimate narration and demonstration, Rebecca provides a guide that anyone can use to enhance their orgasm.

Better Female Masturbation and a Better Sex Life: Knowing Your Body

In this video, Daisy discusses that masturbation is a way in which she deliberately sets aside time to enjoy her body, pleasure herself and bring the good feelings that she has created into all areas of her life.

Female Masturbation Vol I: Orgasm One Stroke at a Time

Francoise, an instructor of the Welcomed Consensus, slowly builds an orgasm in her body that increases in sensation over time and builds to a place of vivid intensity. By enjoying every stroke while masturbating, Francoise demonstrates the way she has trained her body to feel more sensation.

Female Masturbation Vol II: Every Woman's Orgasm is Unique

This video shows a simple, uncut film of Susan, a Welcomed Consensus instructor, taking herself from a low state of arousal to a heightened extended orgasm. Filmed in one take with many close-up shots of her genitalia, it accurately represents continuous female orgasm.

Female Masturbation Vol III: Clitoris, The Key to a Woman's Pleasure

In this intimate glimpse of self-pleasure, you will view Sheri's sensual experience as she deliberately builds sensation and engorgement in her body. Close-ups of her genitalia show precisely how she strokes and acknowledges that the sole function of the clitoris is to feel pleasure.

Female Masturbation Vol V: Pleasures of a Woman in Orgasm Denise

This unique video features Denise, a student of the Welcomed Consensus. It is a sexy and informative look at how she has made her own pleasure a priority. A narrative describes the techniques she uses to heighten the sensations in her body and build a better orgasm.


Female Masturbation Techniques
A Collection of Instructional Videos

Just as Every Woman is Unique, so is Every Woman’s Orgasm. This Female Masturbation Collection features six different women using female masturbation techniques based on Deliberate Orgasm, showing that Every Woman’s Orgasm is Unique. You can view all of the videos to experience the distinct ride each woman takes herself on. Since the different women are using similar female masturbation techniques, you can see how the changes of each woman’s genitalia during orgasm are unique. In addition, you will notice the way each woman experience’s orgasm in their body is unique. A great collection, exploring the subtleties of female orgasm, expanding views that there is such a thing as a model of orgasm for women to follow.

What people are saying

“Want to learn how to satisfy a woman in bed? If you do, you need first to learn how a woman receives pleasure. That is the goal of the Female Masturbation series from The Welcomed Consensus.

I have seen a great many female masturbation videos. I believe these are some of the very best of that variety. If you are expecting a porn star type screaming “I’m coming, I’m coming, . . .” you will be disappointed. What you will get is a first class look at attractive women giving themselves real pleasure. That is what I liked most about it. It is real!

Each of the videos starts off with a woman lying down in comfortable position and spreading her legs. She shows you her anatomy in a very explicit but tasteful way. The woman then stokes her genitals using the “DO-ing” techniques pioneered by The Welcomed Consensus over the past decade (see Deliberate Orgasm videos). One of the best things about the series is that you get to hear the real sounds of arousal from each woman. Pleasant instrumental music is playing in the background throughout each video. No vibrators buzzing, no phallic dildos, no fake orgasms, just a woman enjoying one of nature’s most delightful gifts (her own body).

Overall the production values are good (almost like those found in good “amateur” videos). This seems fitting because that is what they started out as (a group of people who love sex wanting to share their knowledge). There is only one camera which zooms from full body and face to close ups of the genitals. The production values do get better as the series progresses. The sound quality on the first video is fair at best but that also lends to its charm. There is a female voice over for narration which will help if you are not familiar with female anatomy or masturbation. Each woman is not performing a sex show, but is simply letting you watch her masturbate. This gives the videos a very intimate feel, not like a sterile “how to” tape. The series gives you the best of both instruction and eroticism.” — W.P.