Instructor’s Bundle Featuring Susan (4 DVD Set)


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This special Instructor’s Bundle includes videos that feature Susan demonstrating full-body orgasm through manual stimulation of the clitoris. Each educational video has close-up shots of female anatomy, shows the unlimited potential of female orgasm and can be viewed time and time again.

This 4 video set includes:

Deliberate Orgasm: DOing in Different Positions

The best positions for DOing to allow both partners to experience optimum sensation are demonstrated. RJ produces an intense orgasm in Susan's body with numerous peaks. Close-up shots of her genitals in a heightened state of orgasm are shown. You will learn three different positions including safe-sex techniques and hand positions for easy access to the clitoris.
Closed captions available in English

Female Masturbation Vol II: Every Woman's Orgasm is Unique

This video shows a simple, uncut film of Susan, a Welcomed Consensus instructor, taking herself from a low state of arousal to a heightened extended orgasm. Filmed in one take with many close-up shots of her genitalia, it accurately represents continuous female orgasm.

Introducing Deliberate Orgasm: A 3 Minute Orgasm, Part 1

What is orgasm? How do you define orgasm? How do you reliably create orgasm in a woman's body every time and anytime? Here are the first steps to having better orgasm.
18 minutes plus bonus footage
Closed captions available in English, Japanese and Portuguese

Orgasm at the First Touch: A 3 Minute Orgasm, Part 2

How do you experience orgasm at the first touch? Learn how to apply a female model of orgasm using a 3-minute time frame. The information is presented in an easy-to-follow format for practical application of the concepts.
28 minutes
Closed captions available in English and Japanese