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Since 1992, our instructors have been dedicated researchers in the field of female orgasm. They teach techniques in communication and sensuality to access and develop a person’s sensual potential. They offer winning viewpoints on pleasurable living and relationships so fun and gratification can be a part of your everyday life.

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Online courses, demonstration videos, personal coaching and more; there is something here for everyone to enhance your sex life and relationships.

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Learn the fundamentals of sensuality, techniques for greater pleasure and how to have a gratifying life.

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Delve into the principles of Deliberate Orgasm applied to your daily life. Tailored programs for women, men & couples.

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What students are saying about The Welcomed Consensus

I often didn’t know how to bring myself to orgasm with a partner.

“The fact that I am experiencing pleasure with him in every sexual encounter is a new phenomenon. I have experienced pleasure with Drew many times over the years, but it was never a consistent, reliable experience for me. I often didn’t know how to bring myself to orgasm with a partner. Now that we have begun to take the lessons and practices of the Welcomed Consensus into consideration, I’m experiencing some degree of pleasure every time.”  -Sarah T.

You can give the most exquisite pleasure.

“Using the [Deliberate Orgasm] DOing techniques you can give the most exquisite pleasure to your partner without the need for expensive gifts or trips to exotic locations. All this is done using our senses and tools of the mind that we all possess as an integral part of our human body and mind. Once you master and refine these tools, techniques, and mindset and ingrain them, then no situation or life circumstances or societal dogma can take that away from you. Above all, you will always have the gift of enjoying that exquisite experience and pleasure that is our birthright as human beings.”  -Ken K.

I now have even more confidence.

“Now after learning about a pleasure oriented life-style from The Welcomed Consensus I feel relaxed, even when seeing the worst of crisis that is going on in the world. I now have even more confidence that I can give a woman the most pleasure possible. Also over time I can make these experiences more and more pleasurable. This course far exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I had no idea that this type of pleasure oriented mindset is available. I feel like my life has changed significantly for the better.”  -Alex M.

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Being a Free Woman

No matter the circumstances, I have the power to choose what I have my attention on. It is in that choice, to experience pleasure or not, that I exercise my freedom as a woman.

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