Female Masturbation Essentials Set One (3 Online Video Set)


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Experience the sensation of female masturbation.

Three unique videos of female masturbation showing extended and richly textured orgasm. Fun to watch alone or with a partner to enhance your sex life and expand your orgasm.
This 3 video set includes:

Female Masturbation Vol I: Orgasm One Stroke at a Time

Francoise, an instructor of the Welcomed Consensus, slowly builds an orgasm in her body that increases in sensation over time and builds to a place of vivid intensity. By enjoying every stroke while masturbating, Francoise demonstrates the way she has trained her body to feel more sensation.

Female Masturbation Vol II: Every Woman's Orgasm is Unique

This video shows a simple, uncut film of Susan, a Welcomed Consensus instructor, taking herself from a low state of arousal to a heightened extended orgasm. Filmed in one take with many close-up shots of her genitalia, it accurately represents continuous female orgasm.

Female Masturbation Vol III: Clitoris, The Key to a Woman's Pleasure

In this intimate glimpse of self-pleasure, you will view Sheri's sensual experience as she deliberately builds sensation and engorgement in her body. Close-ups of her genitalia show precisely how she strokes and acknowledges that the sole function of the clitoris is to feel pleasure.