Instructor’s Bundle Featuring Sheri (3 DVD Set)


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This special Instructor’s Bundle includes videos that feature Sheri demonstrating full-body orgasm through manual stimulation of the clitoris. Each educational video has close-up shots of female anatomy, shows the unlimited potential of female orgasm and can be viewed time and time again.

This 3 DVD set includes:

Topics such as the clitoris, superior orgasm, peaking, the technique of DOing and the “G-Spot” are discussed in a question/answer format between students and instructors. The exact location of the clitoris and how to stimulate it for maximum pleasure are revealed in close-up uncut footage. You will witness a man take a woman from a place of low arousal to a heightened state of orgasm.

In this intimate glimpse of self-pleasure, you will view Sheri's sensual experience as she deliberately builds sensation and engorgement in her body. Close-ups of her genitalia show precisely how she strokes and acknowledges that the sole function of the clitoris is to feel pleasure.

Want to know more about the G-Spot, where it's located and how it should be touched? This educational video illustrates that there are many spots, thunkspots, inside a woman that are easily accessible and incredibly sensational- confirming that there is a lot more to the clitoris than meets the eye. Instructors demonstrate how to locate and stimulate all of her thunkspots pleasurably after building engorgement through DOing.