Deliberate Orgasm: Manual Penetration while DOing, Thunkspots (DVD)


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Locate and stimulate the many sensational spots inside of her.

“This video is truly a generous gift for men. What the men do with the information presented is their gift to women.”  -Video customer

Have you ever wanted to know more about the G-Spot, where it's located and how it should be touched?

This educational video illustrates that there are many spots, thunkspots, inside a woman that are easily accessible and incredibly sensational- confirming that there is a lot more to the clitoris than meets the eye. Comprehensive female anatomy is presented, detailing the full extent of the clitoris. Instructors demonstrate how to locate and stimulate all of her thunkspots pleasurably after building engorgement through DOing. The demonstration is followed by a discussion of what both instructors experienced during the exploration of her thunkspots.

Woman in Orgasm: Sheri, Welcomed Consensus Instructor
Running Time: 53 minutes
Welcomed Consensus Productions