Deliberate Orgasm: Better Orgasm through Better Communication (DVD)


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The key to a sex life that keeps getting better is communication.

“It is a tremendous turn on to have a woman tell you what she is feeling, what she wants from you and then be able to satisfy her desires.”  -Video customer

Communicating what you want or what you want to know during sex can be simple, fun and rewarding when using the valuable training cycle as demonstrated in this video. Instructors from the Welcomed Consensus demonstrate how to build better orgasm using specific communication tools in the context of DOing – Deliberate Orgasm. You will see explicit scenes of Wendy's body in a heightened state of orgasm, and the effect of RJ and Wendy's communication in building pleasurable sensation over time.

Refine your communication skills to discover your partner's desires, express your preferences and experience better orgasm.

Woman in Orgasm: Wendy, Welcomed Consensus Instructor
Running Time: 45 minutes.
Welcomed Consensus Productions