About Us

We have experienced that the basic components of friendship deepen sensual gratification. With increased knowledge and awareness people enjoy fun relationships which endure and deepen in intimacy. Moreover, gratified people tend to treat others with more compassion and love.

We have found that a vast world of pleasurable sensation opens up for both women and men through the female model of orgasm.
By applying and practicing Deliberate Orgasm in our own lives, our research and discovery continues to expand.

Wendy is a founding member of the Welcomed Consensus. For over 25 years she has been an instructor and researcher of sensuality. Her personal journey of sexual emancipation became the basis for the sensual-research community that thrives today. Her open and friendly nature touches all who are new to the information. Her keen interest in having the people in her life have the most gratifying relationships possible makes her an impassioned and proficient instructor. Wendy teaches foundation courses and specializes in hands-on training for men and women in the craft of Deliberate Orgasm.
Françoise is a leading researcher in Sensuality, Communication and Female Orgasm. Her focus is Deliberate Orgasm (DOing) and a new feminine model of orgasm that is reliable and repeatable. She has a unique European education with a degree in Education and a Masters in Philology and Linguistics. Her passion was ignited in 1989 when she met RJ who introduced her to DOing. This changed her views of what female orgasm and friendship between a woman and a man could look like. She has dedicated her life to researching the unlimited potential of female orgasm for both women and men. She is a founder of The Daily Orgasm Project that conducts original research on the benefits of daily pleasure. She enjoys teaching women and men the insights to living a gratifying life through simple proven exercises and common sensuality.
Rachael’s zeal for sensual research within the Welcomed Consensus community was first inspired in 1999 by a one-hour Deliberate Orgasm demonstration between RJ and Wendy. Having spent years teaching holistic health and the potential of the human body, she decided to change her life path and dedicate herself to the exploration and teaching of a woman’s potential for orgasm. Today she truly is a product of all the research established by the teachers that came before her, and continues to lay the groundwork for others on a daily basis. She does this through leading the foundational Communication Course, customized retreats and distance-learning programs for people worldwide.
RJ is an insightful and compelling teacher and founding member of the Welcomed Consensus. Looking for more to experience in his life and relationships he began a journey into pleasurable living. Learning to be a friend to a woman on her terms set him on a lifelong quest to truly know and pleasure a woman. His interest in the sexual freedom of women, and thereby men, has given him a rare perspective which he conveys with candor and insight. RJ is a teacher of teachers in sensuality. Through the continual honing of his craft in Deliberate Orgasm, he continues to push the frontier of what is possible with female orgasm.
Sheri is a founding member of the Welcomed Consensus. Through her research she discovered the effect of telling the truth about her desire and how essential communication is to having gratifying relationships and orgasm. She is a passionate and knowledgeable instructor who has broken the limitations of what a woman can experience sensually. Through teaching both men and women she passes on the viewpoints that anyone can use to enhance their own lives. She has been instrumental in training new instructors and enjoys guiding upper level students through their advanced programs. Sheri is dedicated to making the information and techniques of Deliberate Orgasm accessible to everyone.
Susan began teaching as a Welcomed Consensus instructor in 1999. Studying with the Welcomed Consensus her orgasm grew beyond what she envisioned for herself. She realized that as her sex life got better everything else in life got better with ease and grace. Pleasure, fun, and sex can be emotionally charged topics to talk about, but her straightforward friendly approach to training maintains focus on the information. She shares the profound effect her orgasm has had in her life through the courses. Susan enjoys teaching the foundation courses as well as tailoring mastery information for upper-level students expanding on their sensual path.
Richard is a researcher and practitioner of Deliberate Orgasm living in a combined community of student/researchers for the past twenty two years. After studying the healing arts in Japan during the 1970’s, he practiced acupuncture, massage, biofeedback, and herbal medicine for 17 years.  During the 1990’s, when he began his course of study in sensuality with the Welcomed Consensus, he felt the greatest expansions occurring in his life. After his extensive training in Deliberate Orgasm through the Confirmation Course and three progressively higher levels of Confirmation Intensive training (CI2I), Richard completed the final stages of his Validation Program in the fall of 2015, becoming a Welcomed Consensus instructor.  He brings a wealth of experience into teaching the myriad ways in which orgasm, as well as friendship between men and women creates a life of optimum pleasure.
A baby boomer with a degree in computer science, Yvonne transitioned at age 32 from a high-tech career in Silicon Valley to pursue a path as a sensual researcher within the Welcomed Consensus community. She spent the next phase of her life intensively researching and documenting her experiences in female sexuality and pleasurable living. In the past few years, her writing focuses on pleasurable menopause giving new perspectives and a gratifying outlook on midlife. Her goals of spreading the fun, having her own orgasm expand and training a man to produce better orgasm in her body inspired her to become an instructor. Combining her intellect as a classically trained scientist with the joy and confidence gained through her sensual experiences, her personal discoveries are made attainable to others through coaching, classes and demonstrations.

“We Acknowledge those who have influenced us, mentored us, guided us and shaped us. We do this daily by living what we’ve learned and expanding with intention and dedication to living the most pleasurable life possible and spreading that surplus to others.”

A group of friends decided to move into a house in San Francisco together as a social experiment. With fun as the highest goal, our initial intent stemmed from the mutual desire to have more; that is, to step outside the norm of relating and relationships and experience more from life.
This desire was fueled by information and viewpoints gleaned from courses we were attending at Lafayette Morehouse, (formerly More University). We realized that if we could get our sex lives handled responsibly then we had a shot at our community succeeding.
Under the tutelage of More University’s Vic & Cindy Barranco and Brian & Kassy Shekeloff, we were impacted by the value of telling the truth to each other and the potential for fun within the man- woman dynamic. Brian and Kassy were key mentors in guiding us on the road to having more. The Sensuality Department at More University introduced us to deliberately producing orgasm in a woman’s body by manually stimulating her clitoris. This was monumental for us.
Our research in female orgasm became a passion for teaching our findings. In 1992, we partnered with Steve & Vera Bodansky, who were long-time teachers in the Sensuality Department at More University and together we formed The Welcomed Consensus.
Vera and Steve brought their unique knowledge in extended orgasm and sensuality training and were pivotal in our training as teachers. We launched a course curriculum as well as continued our research of friendship, orgasm, and sexual emancipation. “Deliberate Orgasm” was coined and our eagerness to reach a greater population about the power of “DOing” prompted us to make educational videos released on VHS, and later on we produced videos on DVD.
As our community grew, we shifted from urban life to the countryside where we experienced more freedom to be sensualists. This began a period of intense research of female orgasm through teaching mastery level courses. From here, students emerged who were interested in teaching about orgasm.
It was our pleasure to watch the practice of Deliberate Orgasm expand into more parts of society: Our resident students Nicole Daedone and Robert Kandell, founded One Taste, an education center that promotes female orgasm. Ken Blackman, our 9-year resident, joined OneTaste as an instructor. These former students all moved forward to spread the basic principles of Deliberate Orgasm by incorporating them into OM (Orgasmic Meditation) — Nicole through her book, Rob by his men’s course, Ken with his coaching on sex and relationships.
Thank you to the many ambassadors of Deliberate Orgasm, for making it internationally known: from Marie Claire France to the translators of our videos in Japanese and French. We are grateful to bestselling authors such as Mara Altman, Christiane Northrup and Tim Ferriss (Doing Method) and the many others worldwide for encouraging their readers to practice DOing.