Two DO Better than One: Let’s Start DOing (4 Online Video Set)


4 Online Video Set
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With this video set, take your sensual life from good to better.
DOing is a technique that can be added on to what you already have going in your sensual activities together, or it can be a place to start at the beginning of a relationship. DOing ensures that the woman will get hers.

This combination of online videos has been put together by the Welcomed Consensus instructors to make certain the fundamentals of how to get started DOing are clear. Both men and women are set on a path to have more fun with each other than they imagined.

This set includes:

A Guide to Getting Started with DOing

In detailed footage taken during a live female orgasm demonstration, instructors describe how to begin and end a Deliberate Orgasm (a DO Date), including what supplies are necessary to get started.

Introducing Deliberate Orgasm: A 3 Minute Orgasm

What is orgasm? How do you define orgasm?
How do you reliably create orgasm in a woman's body every time and anytime?
Here are the first steps to having better orgasm in just three minutes.
In this video instructors answer those questions and provide a way for partners to have more fun, lifting the anxiety of performance-based sex.

A Guide to Your Orgasm

Recommended by Dr. Christiane Northrup in her bestseller Goddesses Never Age. Enhance your pleasure with this unique view of a woman’s orgasm, presented from the mind and body of a sensualist. Through intimate narration and demonstration, Rebecca provides a guide that anyone can use to enhance their orgasm.

Deliberate Orgasm: Better Orgasm through Better Communication

Communicating what you want or what you want to know during sex can be simple, fun and rewarding when using the training cycle as demonstrated in this video. You will see explicit scenes of Wendy's body in a heightened state of orgasm, and the effect of RJ and Wendy's communication in building pleasurable sensation.

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