Introducing Deliberate Orgasm: A 3 Minute Orgasm, Part 1 (DVD)


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What is orgasm? How do you define orgasm?
How do you reliably create orgasm in a woman's body every time and anytime?

Here are the first steps to having better orgasm in just three minutes.

In this video instructors answer those questions and provide a way for partners to have more fun, lifting the anxiety of performance-based sex. The basic technique of Deliberate Orgasm is demonstrated showing that 3-minutes of deliberate attention on each other sets the foundation for enjoyment. With pleasurable sensation as the goal, instructors show how good feelings are all that is required to begin.

Woman in Orgasm: Susan, Welcomed Consensus Instructor
Running Time: 18 Minutes
Bonus Material: Q & A with Instructors
Welcomed Consensus Productions