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Deliberate Orgasm - Manual Penetration while DOing - Thunkspots

Manual Penetration While DOing Volume I

Deliberate Orgasm - ThunkspotsHave you ever wanted to know more about the G-Spot, where it's located and how it should be touched? What if we told you that there are many "spots" inside a woman that are easily accessible and incredibly sensational... and that there is a lot more to the clitoris than meets the eye. Demystify the G-Spot and discover the many sensational spots inside a woman's vagina. Complementary to your current practice of DOing – Deliberate Orgasm, the technique of Manual Penetration [as demonstrated in this video] will provide you with the skills to locate and stimulate all of her Thunkspots pleasurably. You will witness a woman in a heightened state of orgasm. Comprehensive female anatomy is presented, detailing the full extent of the clitoris and its unlimited potential. Everything seen here is reliable, repeatable, and recordable.

Running Time: 53 minutes.

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"This video is truly a generous gift for men. What the men do with the information presented is their gift to women."

"The tingling flowed down my legs into the soles of my feet."

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