Deliberate Orgasm Essentials (3 Online Video Set)


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Expand your sex life beyond what you imagine possible. Within this video trio, the elements of communication, positions for DOing and how to locate the many sensational spots available inside a woman are demonstrated.
This 3 video set includes:

Deliberate Orgasm: Better Orgasm through Better Communication

Communicating what you want or what you want to know during sex can be simple, fun and rewarding when using the training cycle as demonstrated in this video. You will see explicit scenes of Wendy's body in a heightened state of orgasm, and the effect of RJ and Wendy's communication in building pleasurable sensation while DOing.

Deliberate Orgasm: DOing in Different Positions

The best positions for DOing to allow both partners to experience optimum sensation are demonstrated. RJ produces an intense orgasm in Susan's body with numerous peaks. Close-up shots of her genitals in a heightened state of orgasm are shown. You will learn three different positions including safe-sex techniques and hand positions for easy access to the clitoris.

Deliberate Orgasm: Manual Penetration while DOing, Thunkspots

Want to know more about the G-Spot, where it's located and how it should be touched? This educational video illustrates that there are many spots, thunkspots, inside a woman that are easily accessible and incredibly sensational- confirming that there is a lot more to the clitoris than meets the eye. Instructors demonstrate how to locate and stimulate all of her thunkspots pleasurably after building engorgement through DOing.