Expand Your Sensuality Starter Coaching Program


In this 4-week coaching program you will undergo step-by-step training that will transform your sensual life.

Begin with instant online access to a personalized interview designed to assist you in clearly describing what you want sensually. Your first coaching phone call will be scheduled next followed by your first class session.

During the six-session online class you will be given exercises and homework to research the course material and opportunities to record your thoughts and advancements in your sensual training. In addition you will receive three 15-minute coaching phone calls.

With over 5 hours of audio and video course instruction, class topics include:

  • How to expand beyond your sensual limitations
  • Dispel mysteries and clear misconceptions regarding pleasure
  • Methods to intensify and lengthen pleasure – in yourself and a partner
  • Pleasurable Anatomy
  • Responsible Hedonism
  • Understand heat cycles in women
  • What women want
  • Sexual fantasy
  • DOing a woman and DOing a man
  • Training a partner sensually

Once this foundation is in place, you will be guided by an instructor in applying and incorporating what you have learned in to your life. This is done through four 30-minute personalized coaching phone calls to ensure you attain your specific goals.

After the program is complete, you will receive a free Classic Membership which includes:

  • A nine-step guide on how to get started DOing
  • Video and audio shorts of sensuality classroom instruction
  • Photo series of engorgement during female orgasm
  • Access to the exclusive “Sensual Stories to Turn On To” Blog
  • Access to the Members Forum