A Guide to Your Orgasm (DVD)


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Recommended by Dr. Christiane Northrup in her bestseller Goddesses Never Age.

Enhance your pleasure with this unique guided view of a woman’s orgasm, presented from the mind and body of a sensualist.

A guided view of a Welcomed woman's orgasm.

Through intimate narration and demonstration of self-pleasure, Rebecca provides a guide that anyone can use to enhance their orgasm. The concepts in this video are derived from the concepts of Deliberate Orgasm and are explicitly filmed.

Learn how to turn-on the entire body, extend orgasm through the technique of peaking, and enjoy the cycles of sexual desire as they change from day-to-day.

Woman in Orgasm: Rebecca, Sensual Researcher
Running time: 26 minutes
Bonus Material: Candid bonus footage with Rebecca, View with audio narration On / Off
Welcomed Consensus Productions