Deliberate Orgasm Series

Expand upon the fundamentals of DOing using this series of instructional Deliberate Orgasm videos. Instructors teach about full-body orgasm through manual stimulation of the clitoris. Patterned after the live course demonstrations, each volume in the series focuses on a specific facet of the technique. Videos include in-depth training which vividly show the woman’s genitalia and how to produce optimum orgasm. The videos can be viewed time and time again for their wealth of information. This series shows how anyone can access the unlimited potential of female orgasm.

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What people are saying about these instructional Deliberate Orgasm videos:

“Very useful video! It has excellent explanations and a clear demonstration of the technique to make a woman satisfied. Seems deceptively easy but requires practice (as does most activities) to get the best results. Clearly the practitioners in the video are experts.” – I.W.
Customer’s Product: DO Vol I – Expanding Female Orgasm

“A key to ecstasy! These techniques bring about a long, deep orgasm. It doesn’t have the drama of the screaming convulsive state we expect to see. It is, however, mind-altering. The body relaxes and the mind becomes blank as the woman experiences waves of ecstasy. The very first time we tried these techniques, my wife experienced a thirty-minute orgasm. She described it both as a continuous orgasm and as one-hundred orgasms. I also found it intensely pleasurable. There was a sense of merging with her experience and taking part in perfection.” -Mike
Customer’s Product: Deliberate Orgasm Collection – 5 online video set

“Before I started DOing, I had no clue what was possible, in terms of feeling. I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount that I feel in the tip of my finger. When it’s on her clit barely touching, it’s amazing that you can feel that much in it.” – D.B.
Customer’s Product: Better Orgasm through Better Communication

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