Sensual Products

DO Kit with Online Video Guide

Be prepared for a Deliberate Orgasm (DO Date) at all times with your Welcomed DO Kit. Keep it next to your bed or take it with you on the go. With all the necessary items to get started, the Welcomed DO Kit includes:

  • One 4-ounce bottle of water-soluble lubricant (recommended by Welcomed Consensus)
  • 3 standard-size luxury cotton washcloth towels (DO Towels)
  • Nail kit including nail clippers and two emery boards for smooth fingernails
  • Attractive wooden box to put all your supplies in, with lid and brass closure for discretion
  • Your DO Kit also includes access to the online video clip “A Guide to Getting Started with DOing” — a video guide that demonstrates the initial steps to begin and end a DO Date

Wet Kisses

The sensation of running water over the clitoris is a fun and highly pleasurable way to masturbate. The Wet Kisses™ hose has been designed to maximize the pleasure a woman can experience using water by giving her more control over pressure and direction, while still allowing her to feel at the effect of the water. Bottom line, it is a fun way to have a great get off!

Tee-Shirt: Because Life Is Too Short for Mediocre Sex

Previously available only to our students, these Welcomed Consensus T-shirts are now for sale through our website. The back side of these shirts shows the design above, including our website, while the front side is blank.

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