3 Minute Orgasm Series

Extended orgasm is built through simple steps. This series is designed to take the viewer beyond traditional approaches to sensuality and orgasm. The basic technique and concepts central to Deliberate Orgasm are introduced and demonstrated by instructors in an easy to follow format. With a forthright approach, this video series shows how anyone can incorporate a 3-minute orgasm into their daily lives.

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What people are saying about this instructional video series:

“We decided to do some research, and discovered the Welcomed Consensus. One of the things we liked about the Welcomed Consensus was the fact that the people seemed to be adult about human sexuality, and presented information about sexual pleasure in a way that was respectful of both partners. Even though we are open about our sexuality in some ways, we are private in other ways, and in most respects are no different than anyone we know. Your videos are sexually stimulating, but they don’t feel like porn. Another thing we liked about Welcomed Consensus is the concept of the Deliberate Orgasm.

We utilize a combination of techniques, and the DO is one of the arrows in our quiver. As far as how we believe we’ve benefitted from the Welcomed Consensus and DO, I think one of the main things I learned about my wife’s body was that her clitoris is like an iceberg, and that much of the clitoris lies beneath the surface. But the main thing we like about the Welcomed Consensus is the way you present information that people need to know in an adult manner. As a result we read your emails, and don’t mark them as spam.”– J.T.

“I can’t thank these people enough for putting out such simple information on how a man and woman can get together and in three minutes feel so much closer. If you buy this video, do exactly as they say and exactly as they do – even if you think you already know the information. If you actually DO it, you will understand how truly great it is.” – A.A.

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