Our sensuality is with us continuously and it is how we perceive our universe.

As human beings, we have the luxury of our five senses and conceptual thought to enhance our experience of life.

When we slow down in our busy lives to appreciate the scent of bread baking in the oven or relish that bite of silky vanilla custard or feel the downy texture of a cat’s ear it changes the way we view our existence.

We perpetually hear, see, touch, taste and smell things, however, when we glide through life on automatic pilot they become unconscious acts of existence.  A seemingly mundane task as preparing vegetables for a meal can be just as much of a sensual experience as stroking your partner’s velvety skin. Our pleasure and enjoyment of all things enriched by our senses gives our life meaning, brings us joy, and creates our memories.

Sensuality is pleasurably engaging and enjoying the senses.  Savoring and finding delight in every morsel, each stroke and one note at a time is possible through training to be a sensualist.  Training ourselves to deliberately enjoy our senses can affect anything and everything we do, both in and outside of the bedroom and is limitless in the ever expanding potential for having more pleasure from life.

Consider attending a sensuality course

“…if we let something linger in our mouth, feel its texture, smell its bouquet, roll it around on the tongue, then chew it slowly so that we can hear its echoes, what we’re really doing is savoring it, using several senses in a gustatory free for all.”

- Diane Ackerman, A Natural History of the Senses

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