The Confirmation Course Intensive is designed to explore the nature of the student’s own sexual potential. Communication skills and the technique of Deliberate Orgasm, (DOing or manual stimulation of the clitoris) are used. Each course is individually tailored to the student’s level and goals. It is provided in a two-week retreat format creating a pleasurable environment for the duration of the course.

Women will be trained to feel and acknowledge their orgasm to an intensity and duration far surpassing where they entered this course. They learn how to experience optimum orgasm in their own body.

Men will be instructed in how to control a woman’s nervous system to produce optimum orgasm. As a result, they learn how to undeniably create superior orgasm in a woman’s body.

Under the guidance of the Welcomed Consensus, students will be confronted with their own limitations of sexual response. Resistance to expansion of sexual response are identified and alternative methods of handling these resistances are demonstrated. Students are given specific instructions in training partners and safe sex practices.

This course is for all individuals regardless of experience and proficiency.
Students – men and women – often report experiencing a great sense of freedom after receiving this training. A world of choices open up since reliable, repeatable orgasm is no longer an immense, hovering issue.

Once orgasm is a reality rather than an ephemeral notion, many doors open for a more pleasurable life, a better sex life, and more pleasurable relationships.


A two-week tailor-made intensive. One-to-one instruction, discussion and demonstration between student and instructors customizes the daily course format. Hands-on training of skills presented provide immediate results and maximum effect of what is being learned. The student is immersed in pleasurable group living during their course. A unique experience, the Confirmation Intensive truly is a luxury course.

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November 21-25 – final segment and graduation
Also Scheduled upon request
A Madrone Ranch, Northern California


Common Sensuality
Communication Course




Retreat: Meals and accommodations are included

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What People Are Saying

“I never thought my life could change so profoundly for the better and I acknowledge the Welcomed Consensus for giving me the opportunity for more” –S.M.

“I was asked once if this Confirmation Course has met my expectations. I realize now that my expectations were based on my limitations… In this model a man’s sexual fulfillment comes from shifting his attention off of himself and putting it on producing superior orgasm in a woman. Another unexpected benefit of this course is the development of new friendships with men and women, based on telling the truth and having a common goal of creating surplus in the world by exploring sexual energy.” –N.A.