Confirmation Intensive Part 2

The CI2I course is designed for the Confirmation Course graduate student who is interested in continuing to expand their own personal sensual limitations. Like the Confirmation Course, this course is conducted under the guidance of the Welcomed Consensus, wherein the student will examine the capacity for increased intensity and duration of orgasm. 


A one-week tailor-made intensive course. One-to-one instruction, discussion and demonstration between student and instructors customizes the daily course format. The student is immersed in pleasurable group living during their course week. A unique experience, the Confirmation Intensive Part 2 truly is a luxury course.

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January 1-10, 2018
Also Scheduled upon request
A Madrone Ranch, Northern California


Common Sensuality
Communication Course


$6,500 Level 1
$7,500 Level 2 through 8


Retreat: Meals and accommodations are included

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What People Are Saying

“What is something you gave up in your course? they asked. I said – doubt. I remember feeling that I had absolute confidence in giving women what they want. That was a significant milestone. There might have been times in the past when I said or thought that I had absolute confidence.  But after this course session, after the way RJ and Susan both drove the point home to me about my ability surpassing their desire, I felt it in a new way, and this has made a difference in my DOing since then.” – R.H.