OIC Course

Observation of Intense Coming

The Observation of Intense Coming (OIC) is a three-hour course that centers around a demonstration of a woman in orgasm for one hour. Instructors present material and answer students’ questions before demonstrating the technique of Deliberate Orgasm.  Afterwards, there is further discussion of the viewpoints and experience of this technique. The course provides information on the fundamental nature of orgasm and shows the potential of the female model of orgasm. See the possibilities for expanding your own sex life through this course.


  • The initiation and control of the cycle of arousal
  • The technique of peaking
  • The fundamental nature of orgasm
  • Demystification of the G-spot
  • A woman’s thunkspots


This three-hour course is lecture, discussion and demonstration in a clinical setting. Students in the audience are encouraged to ask questions of either the DOer or the DOee during the demonstration. There is no nudity in an OIC course with the exception of the woman instructor doing the demonstration.

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Offered as part of a Foundation Retreat
Foundation Retreats include Common Sensuality and OIC held at A Madrone Ranch, Northern California


Common Sensuality or DOing Essentials Class


The OIC is an exclusive course offered occasionally as a stand-alone course or within the Foundation Retreat.
$900 Foundation Retreat, 3-Day

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What People Are Saying

“An incredible ride, high, lots of sensation, many peaks and free flowing energy. During the elevator ride at the end, each ascent and descent was an intense takeoff and landing. Loved how RJ kept her reaching for more sensation, it was like the entire room was waiting for the next stroke waiting, wanting her to reach out and grab more.” – K.T.

“This was a great experience. To see a one hour orgasm with my own eyes has finally convinced me that it is possible to push the limits in terms of achieving whole body orgasm. I am excited to use what I have learned. Thank you for the fun and pleasure.” – M.R.

“It seemed that I – and all the people present – were caught up in a powerful, beautiful experience that far transcended simple sex. Thank you.” – G.M.