Communication Course

Communication Course

This two-day course specifically defines communication and breaks it down to its basic elements. Students will participate in lecture, discussion and structured exercises that will address the major components of effective communication and how to utilize them. Through the exercises one’s communication will improve and the tools learned have practical application when relating to others. The completion of this course enhances all aspects of life, and will leave no doubt when communication is happening and when it is not.


  • How to use attention and intention
  • What is confrontation?
  • How to handle nonverbal communication
  • The use of facial expressions and vocal intonations
  • Resistance to communicating
  • The significance of acknowledgment


The format of this two-day course is lecture and discussion with structured exercises held in a class setting. There will be snacks, lunch, and stretch breaks during class time. Each student receives individual attention. Your individual goals will be addressed and you will be encouraged to ask the questions you have in regards to communication.

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Fall 2019
San Francisco, California




Northern California: Students are responsible for their own accommodations.


$350 San Francisco Course

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What People Are Saying

“I had a goal of experiencing freedom and ease in communication and I was able to practice that, and saw that that experience is something I can choose and create.” — F.H.

“I learned skills that allowed me to see beyond the superficial and physical and connect with the core (essence) of a person. This experience helped me see my own biases and judgments. I also experienced how intense/profound/deep pure attention can be.” — H.Q.