Common Sensuality

Learn the nuts and bolts of sensuality. With fun as the goal, this course will dispel mysteries about sex, relationships, what women want and more. Students learn the basic tenets of Deliberate Orgasm and how to have a gratifying sensual life.


  • The difference between sensuality and sexuality
  • Winning communication practices for all areas of life
  • Common stereotypes and misconceptions regarding pleasure
  • Methods to intensify and lengthen pleasure
  • DOing a woman / DOing a man with Deliberate Orgasm

Through straight-forward discussion, pleasure oriented viewpoints are presented. Your individual goals will be addressed and you will be encouraged to ask the questions you have about sensuality, relationships, man/woman dynamics, sex and orgasm.

For Women

  • Create more pleasure in your life deliberately
  • Learn to ask for precisely what you want
  • Enjoy your body exactly the way it is
  • Add more enjoyment to your relationships
  • Explore your desire

For Men

  • Find out what women want
  • Learn how to put your non-judgmental attention on a woman
  • Know how to talk to a woman and give her what she wants
  • Understand the intricacies of seduction and have fun with it
  • Enjoy every aspect of a sensual experience


This two-day course is lecture and discussion held in a relaxed class setting. There will be snacks, lunch and stretch breaks during class time. Students’ individual goals will be addressed and they will be encouraged to ask questions about sensuality, relationships, and orgasm. There is no nudity or touching in any part of Common Sensuality.

For an online course similar to Common Sensuality, see the Common Sensuality Essentials Online Class.

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What People Are Saying

“It was a prime opportunity to be introduced to foundation concepts to a sensual lifestyle, presented by highly trained “researchers” and ask questions that no one else could bring so many years of experience to answer.” -C.B.

“It’s been really wonderful to see how the curriculum is a living curriculum. It is not a classroom experience and then you go back and play checkers and you wake up and come back and you experience a curriculum again. It has been a continuous experience from the ways that we are interacting with one another. There’s just so much intention that I’ve experienced in this course that has really made it far more than just something I could get in a book.” -R.M.