Where do I start?

This is where all the groundwork is done, the foundation is laid. Students are immersed in pleasurable living while learning the material in a retreat format. Accommodations, meals and daily activities are designed to forward sensual training and complement the course information. Two or more courses may be taken consecutively during a single retreat.

Common Sensuality Course

Learn the nuts and bolts of sensuality. With fun as the goal, this course will dispel mysteries about sex, relationships, what women want and more. Students learn the basic tenets of Deliberate Orgasm and how to have a more gratifying sensual life.
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Communication Course

Sensuality is a subset of communication. This course specifically defines communication and breaks it down to its basic elements. Students participate in lectures and exercises that address the major components of communication. This course will change both your experience and understanding of communication.
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Observation of Intense Coming

Observe a demonstration of a woman in orgasm for one hour through the Deliberate Orgasm technique. See what is possible.
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