Touch and Look

Touch and Look Course Intensive (TLCI) is a hands-on course designed to give practical experience from the information presented in Common Sensuality. This course will give you tools to ask for what pleasures you sensually, find out what pleasures a partner and communicate with each other in a winning way. It is a safe, structured environment where instructors monitor and assist all exercises.


  • Communicate in winning ways
  • Get what you want pleasurably
  • Find out what your partner wants
  • Learn Deliberate Orgasm techniques
  • Enjoy your body exactly as it is


This three-day intensive course combines lecture, discussion and experiential exercises taught within structured classroom sessions. Each individual’s goals are addressed and students will be encouraged to ask questions about communication and sensuality. There is both nudity and touching in the classroom sessions. Participants do not have to do anything they do not want to do. Touch and Look is offered as a retreat and may be combined with foundation courses in an extended retreat.

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May 6-8, 2016 TLCI Retreat, 3 Day
May 4-8, 2016 Superweek Retreat, 5 Day*
May 4-8, 2016 Exploration Retreat, 5 Day*
*Includes Common Sensuality and Touch and Look
A Madrone Ranch, Northern California


Common Sensuality
Communication Course (recommended)


Retreat: Meals and accommodations are included


Single $900 TLCI Retreat
Double $1,500 TLCI Retreat
Single $1,800 Superweek Retreat
Double $3,200 Superweek Retreat
Single $2,850 Exploration Retreat
Double $5,000 Exploration Retreat

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What People Are Saying

“This course was a blast. I had some outstanding sensual experiences that completely surpassed what I had previously thought was possible. Also, I had a great time exploring sensuality with women of different ages and body types, which was a great learning experience.” -M.W.

“During the last session I felt so high, so good that I just wanted to feel more and more and felt like I could get into agreement with anything. I also learned that the key to communication is having the other person as right. My limits of acceptable body types, and acceptable feelings has been dramatically expanded. I love you.” -E.D.