Charm School

Would you like to become more charming?
This weekend course delves into what that means and how to go about cultivating it.  Charm School clearly demonstrates and illuminates the powerful game of hexing.

Hexing, a communication tool, is often used in everyday communications unbeknownst to most people. Hexes occur all the time intentionally and unintentionally via advertisements, news, medicine, religion, and conversation. Through lecture, discussion and interactive games played, students will learn to identify a hex and know when they are hexed. In addition, tools to get out of a hex and to deliberately hex and bless to create desired societal results are discussed and practiced.


Charm School is a two-day lecture and discussion course held in a relaxed class setting. Students’ individual goals will be addressed and they will be encouraged to ask questions about the game of hexing. There is no nudity or touching in any part of this course. Charm School is offered within a retreat or as a stand-alone course.

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October 14-15, 2017
San Francisco


Common Sensuality


Retreats: Meals and accommodations are included
San Francisco Courses: Students are responsible for their own meals and accommodations


$450 San Francisco


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What People Are Saying

“My favorite kind of school. I had so much fun in this course.  What a ride!  In and out, up and down, hexing and being hexed. I felt like I started getting my goals right away in this course, and kept getting them right up til the end.  I feel happy and confident and ready to play.” – M.T.

“Intense!  I know my life is going to get better after this course.  All my life I have been hexed.  Feelings of inadequacies …am I smart enough? …am I good enough?  Passing up fun offers with bullshit reasons …because of my self-doubt.  I now realize that my self-doubt is bullshit and can be seen for what it is and thrown out to the compost pile. Thank you WC for providing me the tools and viewpoints for a better life!” – T.P.