Beauty and the Beast

A two-day descriptive course providing a revealing experience of the games women and men play, how the status of women is obscured by social prejudice based on gender and what effect these assumptions have on men. This course illustrates the potential for a relationship of affinity and love and how empowering beauty enhances the desirability of the beast.


  • Man/Woman dynamics
  • How to use the differences between men and women for more fun
  • Gender prejudices
  • How to have the relationship you want
  • What women desire
  • What men desire
  • Union between men and women


Beauty and the Beast is a two-day lecture and discussion course held in a relaxed class setting. Students’ individual goals will be addressed and they will be encouraged to ask questions about man/woman dynamics. There is no nudity or touching in any part of this course. Beauty and the Beast is offered within a retreat or as a stand-alone course.

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March 17-18, 2018 in San Francisco, CA


Common Sensuality
Communication Course (recommended)


San Francisco Courses: Students are responsible for their own meals and accommodations


$475 Beauty & the Beast in San Francisco

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What People Are Saying

“Taking the course this weekend immediately improved my relationship with my husband. We are more loving to each other. We had a lot of laughs, sensations and joy during the course. The course has given me the basics to have fun and I feel clear about my relationship with my husband.” – S.B.

“Incredible class. Insightful, truthful, honest. It really focused the whole men/women relationships down to a few clear truths. This will definitely affect how I act and react in relationships with women. RJ was great. His honesty and clarity of thinking really got the discussions right to the heart of the issues. I feel great right now – a fun emotional ride and a lot of learning.” – D.M.