Sensual Training

Sensual and training are two words rarely used in the same sentence. Sensuality can conjure up a range of images and feelings for people, yet at its basic level sensuality is about engaging the senses.
It’s about being.

Sensual Paths

The Welcomed Consensus offer a full range of courses in sensual training — from understanding the fundamentals to exploring the unlimited potential of orgasm.
**NOTE** During the COVID-19 pandemic our online foundation courses are open for registration (in-person courses are currently not active).


Where do I start?

This is where the groundwork is laid to develop your sensuality. Students are immersed in pleasurable living while learning the material in a retreat format. Accommodations, meals and daily activities are designed to forward sensual training and complement the course information. Two or more foundational courses may be taken consecutively during a single retreat.
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How do I experience more?

Extension courses expand on facets of your foundation based on specific interests or desires. Most are scheduled as a weekend retreat and do not require a partner to attend. Foundational and extension courses may be taken in a series during a single expanded retreat.


How do I reach my potential?

Become proficient in Deliberate Orgasm and access your orgasmic potential to have and produce superior orgasm. Tailored for an individual, mastery courses are scheduled upon request after completion of the foundational prerequisites.
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