Watch student insights and instructor perspectives on Deliberate Orgasm

From Our Students

How to Orgasm with More Sexual Pleasure

Kent is learning how to create sexual pleasure in a woman’s body, and describes some of the experiences he has had on this journey.

Revolutionary Realization

I would like other women to know that all of the attention can be on you…

My New Perception of Female Orgasm

Grace tells her story of shifting her view of orgasm and pleasure.

Understanding Female Orgasm

Sandy’s experience of attending the Common Sensuality course and how her orgasm improved as a result.

Lisa & Park

This couple talks about having a better sex life with each other by adding on Deliberate Orgasm (DOing). Watch student insights about their relationship.


From Our Instructional Videos

Deliberate Orgasm at the First Touch


The 3-Minute Orgasm

A preview of RJ and Susan talking about Deliberate Orgasm