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Deliberate Orgasm and DOing

Both people put their attention on one person’s body for optimum pleasure

Deliberate Orgasm is a body of information on living a pleasurable life. It includes viewpoints and techniques that enrich people’s relationships and experiences. Deliberate Orgasm and DOing is a sensual activity in and of itself.

What is orgasm? Asking the question and answering it is the basis of female orgasm research by The Welcomed Consensus. Most definitions of orgasm are still based on early 1900s research or on Masters and Johnson’s research from the 1960s. The standard model for orgasm in our culture is a male model focused on building tension and reaching a climax. The goal in that model is the release at the end which signifies the end of sexual activity.

It is nearly impossible to expand the pleasure of orgasm by using this model.

If pleasure is the goal of a sensual experience, then the notion that there is a hierarchy between the start and the end of the sexual encounter is not suitable. For example, when we listen to a piece of music, we do not wait to enjoy it until we hear the last sound of the cymbals. Every note counts. All of it is music. We experience the pleasure from the first note. We can perceive orgasm in the same way. It is not a single crescendo at the end. Orgasm begins at the first stroke and lasts as long as you want. The possibilities in between are endless.

Optimum pleasure

Current innovative discoveries now show that it is easy to increase the intensity and duration of pleasure. It is time to revolutionize the very definition of orgasm and base it on the female model of pleasure. This model is inclusive. It applies to female and male sexuality. It is a dome shaped orgasm with many peaks along the way. The goal is to enjoy each stroke, taking pleasure in the whole experience. This pleasure-oriented orgasm can take infinite forms. Orgasm is not a moment, but a composition over time. It is created stroke by stroke. One time it could be like a long meandering walk through the park. The next time could have high peaks with a slow grounding ride down.

Lengthened female orgasm is currently a hot topic in the media. Interest is rising about its effects, biological function, and how women can orgasm more readily. Extended or continuous orgasm lasting several minutes or even an hour is now included in Wikipedia’s Orgasm article.

DOing applies the female model of orgasm

The best way to access female orgasm is through clitoral stimulation which is more delicate and nuanced than penetration. DOing a woman is a method of producing orgasm in her body through manual stimulation of her clitoris. Manual stimulation is the best way to achieve this because the fingertip is a precise touching instrument. The clitoris is the most sensitive spot on a woman’s body. It has the highest concentration of pressure sensitive nerve endings in the body. It is the seat of female orgasm. A woman’s clitoris has no other function than to feel pleasure. Correspondingly, all the principles of Deliberate Orgasm and DOing can be applied to a man. DOing provides a foundation for having a sex life that keeps getting better.

The practice of having a DO Date is a time set aside for two people to have a connection together and create a reliable orgasm in her body. The practice of orgasm on a daily basis is a simple act that guarantees her pleasure every time.

Sexy, candid and fun… Rebecca describes her first experience having a DO Date

In finding out about Deliberate Orgasm, I wanted to experience getting DOne. When I did, I remember a few particular experiences. One that is the most memorable I had was a 5 minute DO Date, with someone that was well-trained in Deliberate Orgasm. I remember feeling Wow, I did not know someone could touch my body that well. He could make my body feel that good without having to tell him yards and yards of things about myself. He was really sensitive to me and what I wanted.

It was so much pleasure packed in to that short amount of time. I remember leaving his house and thinking this is the best my body has ever felt. I was so happy and felt like I was beaming light to everybody that walked by. Ah, I thought they must know. I felt like I stood out in the crowd because I’d never felt that before, and it was so easy. I knew it was something that not a lot of people had experienced in their lives, yet it was so easy. Therefore, it is possible for anybody.

Communication and Deliberate Orgasm

An essential part of Deliberate Orgasm and DOing is communication. In DOing, you communicate to ask for what you want and find out what your partner wants in a way that has both parties win. Communicating about what feels good and what each person is experiencing before, during and after enriches the experience. Talking in this way takes the mystery out of sex.

Self-pleasure and DOing

Masturbation is a fun way to explore and learn about your body and what you like. Using the principles of Deliberate Orgasm while masturbating with the focus on building pleasurable sensation rather than getting rid of it, can expand your orgasm. This is a great way to take care of your body and have pleasure be a part of your daily life.

Expand your orgasm

In this culture there are very few places where people can go to be trained to expand their orgasm. This is that kind of place. Here you can get information on Deliberate Orgasm and DOing in many different forms. Beginning with features available on the website, The Welcomed Consensus offers a wide range of courses, retreats and instructional female orgasm videos. For all people – singles, couples, men and women – learning about Deliberate Orgasm and DOing will contribute toward making sex and relationships more fun and life more pleasurable.

The Welcomed Consensus offers the only educational female orgasm videos for reliably creating extended or continuous orgasm in a woman’s body. The instructors in these videos call this practice Deliberate Orgasm (DOing).

Deliberate Orgasm is a perspective that you can adopt in everyday life for daily happiness and well-being.

Expand your knowledge

View the anatomy of the clitoris. You can see its internal parts. Take a look at the historical view of female orgasm. Also, learn about its expansion on the female orgasm information page.

Read about Sensuality and Sexuality. Although these terms are commonly used interchangeably, it is useful to distinguish between the two.

Deliberate Orgasm Couple

He delicately placed his fingertip on my clit, pushed into it and rolled it around very slowly in one circular stroke. It lasted at least ten breaths. I felt like I was in a wave which pushed my body luxuriously through the ocean.

The highest peak was slow and a steady up that just kept climbing. My body felt light and energetic, humming, rumbling, rolling in sensation. It completely encompassed my nervous system.

–One experience of Deliberate Orgasm from a woman

The sensation blossomed. We kept going up, as if to a quiet, far away place. I was admiring the way her clit was engorging, and the engorgement was extending down the front edges of her frenulae to her inner labia. We went up higher for a couple of more peaks and then down with strokes that gradually sank into her clit.

–One experience of Deliberate Orgasm from a man

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