Work Study Program

Do you enjoy being part of community in get-togethers with friends, socializing with people at work, volunteering with a charity or attending club meetings?

The Work Study Program is the perfect way to experience community connection and a sustainable lifestyle. Enjoy deliberate pleasurable living and contribute to a variety of group projects.

We at the Welcomed Community have lived together intentionally since 1986. We have friendship and fun as our highest goals. Be part of a thriving community in the Welcomed Work Study Program.

Goals for program participants

  • Experience intentional community
  • Know the benefits of living deliberately
  • Develop better communication skills
  • Connect more with others
  • Learn how to strengthen relationships
  • Get tools for creating your own unique community
  • Understand the components of living a life based on fun and friendship

What To Expect

  • Accommodations vary between shared room, tents, treehouse, modified school bus
  • Meals are included unless food restrictions don’t allow
  • Wireless internet access on site
  • No cell phone service on site
  • Nearest town is 30 minutes away
  • The Welcomed community enjoy having parties and have pleasure in mind doing whatever we do

Questions ~ Thoughts ~ Desires?

Please contact us. We’ll respond within 24 hours.

Open and ongoing enrollment
A Madrone Ranch, Northern California




$595 + 30 hours work per week

When registering, tuition is paid in full. 20% of the tuition is a non-refundable registration fee. After registration an email will be sent with detailed information to prepare, including items to bring and directions.

Contact Us


Or register by phone

1-877-469-8636 toll-free within US
1-415-337-7157 International


Attendance at any course is absolutely confidential