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Group Assessment Program

Experience day-to-day life living with us. This two-week residency program offers opportunities for the student to experience the fun of living in a group and the challenges that arise in a community of individuals with fun as their highest goal.

What To Expect

During this course, the student will reside in a group living situation for a two-week period of time. This format offers the student opportunities to experience, the problems and challenges that arise in a community of individuals who share living quarters, specifically the societal viewpoints governing sex, time, money, and privacy. The student will be guided, invited, and encouraged to participate in as many group activities as scheduling permits.

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Having meals together

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Garden harvest

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Open and ongoing enrollment
Next GAP: June 20-July 4
A Madrone Ranch, Northern California
San Francisco, California





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When registering, tuition is paid in full. 20% of the tuition is a non-refundable registration fee. After registration an email will be sent with detailed information to prepare, including items to bring and directions.

What People Are Saying

“Living a pleasurable life feels so good, and so right. From the minute I moved in I felt at home, and like I fit perfectly with the flow of the house and how things run. Being reminded to stay in the present, and choosing to take on pleasurable viewpoints has greatly enriched my life, and has already improved my relationships with other people, particularly my students and my family.” — A.L.

“As all of us in the house ate dinner together, it was fun sitting and all savoring the tenderness of the meat, the great conversations, singing happy birthday to R and knowing we will leave to dance when it works best. It was very pleasurable to be with everyone!
I am so happy laying here in my bed knowing this is my new home! I am excited about the new adventures. I appreciate the opportunity and love this new life of pleasure. I am very excited about growing and learning more! I am so happy to be part of the tribe!”

— S.K.

“From the moment the course began, I started feeling at home. I make myself at home wherever I go because I find that’s generally easier on my hosts. This felt slightly different, though, because as I made myself at home, I felt encouraged to do so. And I felt encouraged to learn the ins and outs of living here. Little things, like where certain glasses go, how laundry is done. The tone of the discussion seemed to be with the intention that I truly make myself at home and be comfortable and happy here.” — S.L.