We are an extended community of people with the collective intention of having fun and leading pleasurable lives. It’s the root of our philosophy, and it touches everything we do—every course, every meal and every conversation. To think of the Welcomed Consensus simply as “eight teachers” ignores the very foundation upon which we are built – our community. Over 25 years of teaching to people from all over the world and from all walks of life has created a widespread network of people fundamentally interested in the same thing: friendship through orgasm.

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In addition to providing courses, coaching and online resources, we offer opportunities to experience the community firsthand

Ongoing: Every Tuesday and Wednesday in the California Bay Area

Weekly community event in the San Francisco/Bay Area. A structured social evening that is comprised of four different games based around communication. People can give and get as much attention as they want, find out about the other people there, and let people get to know them, too—if they so choose.

Ongoing: San Francisco, California

Experience day-to-day life living with us. This two-week residency program offers opportunities for the student to experience the fun of living in a group and the challenges that arise in a community of individuals with fun as their highest goal.
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Ongoing: A Madrone Ranch, Northern California

Participants contribute to indoor and outdoor projects happening with the gardens, grounds and animals on A Madrone Ranch for three weeks.

“We live together to have the most amount of fun we can. We base our courses on what we learn from each other and our students. We live what we teach and teach what we live.”