March 18-19, 2017

Communication Course in San Francsico

Learn to have clear and winning communications in this interactive course.

April 4-20, 2017

DOing Essentials Class

A sensuality class you can take from anywhere. Designed to learn and practice from home.

April 7 (evening only) & April 8-9, 2017

Touch & Look Course Intensive in San Francisco

An experiential research course applies what is learned in Common Sensuality.

May 6-7, 2017

Common Sensuality Course in San Francsico

Learn the nuts and bolts of sensuality in this dynamic and interactive course.

March 2017

BenchMark Events in Oakland, CA

Are you interested in having more fun? Better friendships? All different types of people come to BenchMarks which makes it a unique experience every time. Events held once a week.

Online for March

Relax: Trade off Tension for Feeling

Join the Members Area for one year and get instant access to online videos, exclusive demonstrations and guided exercises for increased pleasure. New topic and content released monthly. Want to try it out first? Join for one month only. Go at your own pace and log in anytime.