Female Masturbation Essentials Set Two (2 Online Video Set)


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Living what they have learned, two students of the Welcomed Consensus explore their own sensual potential while masturbating.

This 2 DVD set includes:

Female Masturbation Vol IV: Pleasures of a Woman in Orgasm Elle

Elle, a sensual researcher and student of the Welcomed Consensus, lets the viewer into the privacy of her bedroom. Revealing her sensuality, Elle shares her intimate time as she seductively undresses in front of the mirror and enjoys the pleasures of masturbation.

Female Masturbation Vol V: Pleasures of a Woman in Orgasm Denise

This unique video features Denise, a student of the Welcomed Consensus. It is a sexy and informative look at how she has made her own pleasure a priority. A narrative describes the techniques she uses to heighten the sensations in her body and build a better orgasm.

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