DO Kit with Online Video Guide


Be prepared for a Deliberate Orgasm (DO Date) at all times with your Welcomed DO Kit. Keep it next to your bed or take it with you on the go. With all the necessary items to get started, the Welcomed DO Kit includes:

  • One 4-ounce bottle of water-soluble lubricant (recommended by Welcomed Consensus)
  • 3 standard-size luxury cotton washcloth towels (DO Towels)
  • Nail kit including nail clippers and two emery boards for smooth fingernails
  • Attractive wooden box to put all your supplies in, with lid and brass closure for discretion

Your DO Kit also includes access to the online video “A Guide to Getting Started with DOing.” This video guide demonstrates the initial steps to begin and end a DO Date and covers:

  • Pleasurable anatomy of a woman’s genitalia
  • How to apply sensual lubricant (The Lube Stroke)
  • How to begin DOing her
  • How to remove sensual lubricant (The Towel-off Stroke)
  • How to set up for a DO Date

You will receive access to your online video guide while waiting for your DO Kit to arrive in the mail.

Ships Priority Mail (U.S. only – Outside U.S. ships First Class International Mail)

Available for a limited time only.