Connections for Full Body Orgasm (Online Video)


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A goal of orgasm is to feel it all over your body. You can create this by building your Connections.

This advanced female masturbation video builds on what is demonstrated in previous editions, adding on a new technique never before revealed outside of the Welcomed Consensus in-person courses.

Elle takes us back to the bedroom: Beginning with an intimate view of how she masturbates using Deliberate Orgasm, she then begins to incorporate the technique of Connections. Close-up visuals and dynamic split-screen shots aid the viewer in seeing precisely how to sensitize other areas of the body to create an orgasmic connection. Elle clearly describes what connections are and what is happening when she is creating them in her body so that anyone can learn how to have full-body orgasm.

Woman in Orgasm: Elle, Sensual Researcher
Running Time: 25 minutes
Welcomed Consensus Productions

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This video demonstrates the revolutionary technique of connections for full body orgasm. Women and men learn how to reliably develop the ability to feel pleasure throughout one’s body with or without a partner. A goal of orgasm is to feel it all over your body. You can create this by building your Connections for full body orgasm.

A straightforward technique called “Connections”, puts this experience within reach for anyone. This technique has been taught by the Welcomed Consensus instructors and used successfully by their students to feel more pleasure and build channels of sensation within the human body.  The Welcomed Consensus have taken the knowledge from their research and exclusive courses and put it into an educational and groundbreaking video.