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For January Only: Every Woman Can Be Touched Just Right

This month we focus on her clitoris, the most sensational place on her body. It is a very tiny area, but through the resources this month, the Members Area shows how multi-faceted the clitoris can become – and the results are fascinating.

January membership features include:
  • Instructional video: The Technique of Peaking and Extended Orgasm
  • Instructional video: A 3 Minute Orgasm
  • Audio/Photo: Current Research in Expanding a Woman’s Pleasure
  • DOing Gallery Video: How to get right on her spot
  • Video: Feel Pleasure: Taking Gaze and Taking Touch
  • Audio: The Full Extent of the Clitoris
  • Guide: Can Tension Lead to More Pleasure?
  • Plus much more

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Benefits for all Members

  • Topic of the Month: Focused lessons that guide your learning
  • Learning Center: Broaden your skill set with the tools, techniques and exercises presented monthly
  • DOing Gallery: Specialized female orgasm demonstrations monthly
  • Instructional Video of the Month: Explicit techniques featured
  • Guide: What is DOing and How to DO it
  • Explicit Instructional Video: A 3 Minute Orgasm
  • Female Orgasm FAQ: New submission each month
  • Sensual Stories: For members only, new entry each month
  • Guide: How to be a Responsible Hedonist
  • Video: Over the Top to Full Body Orgasm
  • Audio: Female Orgasm Every Time
  • Guide: How to Have a Pleasurable Life
  • Explicit Photos: Engorged vulva and clitoris with diagram

Additional Benefits for Annual Members

  • Monthly Email Coaching: Have an exchange with one of our instructors on the Topic of the Month
  • Explicit Photo Series: Captures proper engorgement of a woman’s genitalia over time

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