Female Orgasm

What is Female Orgasm?

This is the feminine model of orgasm where the point is the whole experience, not the climax.

Think of orgasm as a continuous unfolding – something that’s pleasurable yet happening throughout the entire sexual experience, instead of a brief orgasmic “sneeze” to be achieved at the end of sex.

Female orgasm is about pleasure. It is about sensuality. It is about feeling your body. There is no end goal. The only goal is to have it feel as good as possible for as long as possible. Therefore, you are only going to win. It extends into a man’s orgasm, but it begins with the woman.

We have expanded the definition and experience of orgasm to include all the ebbs and flows of sensation. When both people’s attention is on her clitoris, the potential exists for every woman to experience unlimited female orgasm.

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“I felt this experience of being grateful for my clitoris, for what it can feel, for what is available. I had a new enjoyment of it and experienced it in a new way. When he first started DOing me, I simply felt the sensation of his finger on my clitoris.  My clit engorged and the sensation reverberated then spread out. He’d stroke bringing me up on a peak and I felt my clit lengthen and press into the tip of his finger. He described the experience as if my clitoris was getting fuller like blown glass, he and his strokes being the glass blower…”

- Deliberate Orgasm Experience

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