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Deliberate Orgasm - The Technique of Peaking & Extended Orgasm

D.O. Volume II

Deliberate Orgasm - PeakingExtended orgasm is available with unlimited potential through the technique of Peaking. In the context of DOing – Deliberate Orgasm – the Welcomed Consensus demonstrates ways to build progressively higher and more intense orgasmic peaks. Signs of orgasm in a woman's body, tension and relaxation, dome shaped orgasm, the idea of control by agreement, and what a man feels while DOing a woman are illustrated. Vivid changes occur in Francoise's body as RJ manually stimulates her clitoris. Close-up shots of her genitals in orgasm contracting, engorging, and changing over time as well as the techniques he uses to peak her are shown. This educational video illustrates the potential of continuous orgasm with peaks. Everything seen here is reliable, repeatable, and recordable.

Running Time: 45 minutes.

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"It's evident from watching it that the WC is serious about their research and having people's sex lives get better. That is what we experienced."

"Haven't we all wanted and tried to make our orgasms rise to this plateau and stay there floating on a billowy white cloud of pleasure for as long as we wanted without going over the edge?"

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