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Deliberate Orgasm Video Collection

Every clitoris can be touched just right

Each one of these 5 videos extensively covers specific facets in the art of Deliberate Orgasm. DO it (and have it) all with this complete collection on DOing.

Deliberate Orgasm Video Collection $174.75 $99.75


Deliberate Orgasm Duet

Enhance your sex life through the art of Deliberate Orgasm.

The Dynamic Duo of DOing.

Deliberate Orgasm Duet $69.90 $49.90


Deliberate Orgasm Essentials

Expand your sex life beyond what you imagine possible.

Within this 3 video set, the elements of communication and tools for having a gratifying sex life are demonstrated. Discover not only one but the many sensational spots available inside a woman's vagina for the optimum amount of sensation and pleasure.

Deliberate Orgasm Essentials $104.85 $64.85


Female Masturbation Video Collection

Seven different women in orgasm, demonstrating what is possible for both women and men to learn and experience from female orgasm.

Afford yourself the luxury of sensual pleasure and a better sex life.

Female Masturbation Video Collection $209.65 $139.65


Female Masturbation Essentials Set 1

Experience the sensation of female masturbation

Three unique DVDs of Female Masturbation showing extended and richly textured orgasm. Fun to watch by yourself or with your partner to enhance your sex life and expand your orgasm.

Female Masturbation Set 1 $89.85 $59.85


Female Masturbation Essentials Set 2

Living what they have learned

Two students of the Welcomed Consensus explore their own sensual potential while masturbating.

Female Masturbation Set 1 $59.90 $39.90


A 3 Minute Orgasm Video Series

Expand your mind beyond habitual views of sex to bring richer, fuller sensuality into your life and your relationship. Experience greater connection and intimacy together. Beginning with an introduction to Deliberate Orgasm, each part of the series is predicated on the last.

A 3 Minute Orgasm Video Series $39.90 $29.90


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