Deliberate Orgasm Video Series

Entire Deliberate Orgasm Video Series
5 DVD Set
$174.75 $99.75

Create optimum pleasure with Deliberate Orgasm and have a sex life that keeps getting better.

Instructors in this series expand on the fundamentals of Deliberate Orgasm and DOing, showing full-body orgasm through manual stimulation of the clitoris. Based on the one hour orgasm course, each volume focuses on a specific facet of DOing with in-depth demonstrations of what is possible. Anyone can access the unlimited potential of female orgasm, this series shows you how.

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Deliberate Orgasm 5 DVD Set Includes:
• Deliberate Orgasm - Expanding Female Orgasm
• Deliberate Orgasm - The Technique of Peaking & Extended Orgasm
• Deliberate Orgasm - Manual Penetration while DOing - Thunkspots
• Deliberate Orgasm - Better Orgasm through Better Communication
• Deliberate Orgasm - DOing in Different Positions

$174.75 $99.75

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Female Orgasm
Learn the DOing Method Deliberate Orgasm Collection
Deliberate Orgasm
5 DVD Collection
$174.75 $99.75
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