One Hour Orgasm Demonstration

Is a one hour orgasm possible?

Here a sensuality instructor talks with students before the educational one hour demonstration.

You can see with your own eyes that it is possible and expand your own sex life through this course.

The Observation of Intense Coming (OIC) course is centered around a live, hands on demonstration of a woman experiencing a one hour orgasm by instructors of the Welcomed Consensus. This three hour course includes information on effective stimulation of the human nervous system, specifically the initiation and control of the cycle of arousal, and the fundamental nature of orgasm.

The one hour orgasm demonstration is open to singles and couples and is available in two ways; as an independent course or as part of a retreat.

Independent Course Part of Retreat
Tuition: $200 Included
Prerequisites: Common Sensuality Included in a Retreat
Format: Lecture, Discussion, Demonstration

Check the current calendar for course dates. Retreats can be scheduled upon request and are located in Northern California.

In addition, a shortened version of the Observation of Intense Coming course discussion and a portion of the one hour orgasm demonstration are featured in the instructional female orgasm video entitled Deliberate Orgasm - Expanding Female Orgasm.

OIC students write about their experience of the demonstration...

"This was a great experience. To see a one hour orgasm
with my own eyes has finally convinced me that it is possible
to push the limits in terms of achieving whole body orgasm.
I am excited to use what I have learned.
Thank you for the fun and pleasure.
" -- M.R.

"I was far more impressed about the experience than I had expected. It seemed that I-and all the people present-were caught up in some powerful, beautiful experience that far transcended simple sex. Thank you." -- G.M.

"An incredible ride, high, lots of sensation, many peaks and free flowing energy. During the elevator ride at the end, each ascent and descent was an intense take off and landing. Loved how RJ kept her reaching for more sensation, it was like the entire room was waiting for the net stroke waiting, wanting her to reach out and grab more." -- K.T.

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