All Female Orgasm is Clitorally Based

The clitoris of a woman is homologous to the apex of a man's penis. The head or glans of the clitoris contains 8,000 pressure sensitive nerve endings, double the number of nerve endings as in the analogous organ in males, the glans penis, making it particularly sensational and fun to stimulate. The glans of the clitoris is approximately the size and shape of a pea, although it can be significantly larger or smaller. The sole function of the clitoris is to feel pleasure.

The clitoris is a complex structure that includes external and internal components. Starting at the glans, covered in full or in part by the clitoral hood, it extends back and up along the shaft for several centimeters before it reverses direction. There it enters the body and splits into an inverted V shape known as the clitoral crura or legs of the clitoris, which are located generally behind the labia minora.

clitoris female anatomy front
Internal female anatomy, frontal view

There is considerable variation in how much of the clitoris protrudes from the hood and how much is covered by it, ranging from being completely covered, needing to be pulled back for stimulation, to being fully exposed. There is no correlation between the size of a clitoris and a woman's age, height, weight, use of oral contraceptives, being post-menopausal or how much she feels.

clitoris female anatomy side
Internal female anatomy, cross section view

The clitoris is the 'seat' of all female orgasm. The clitoral tissue is far more widespread than the glans, the small visible part most people associate with the word. During orgasm, the clitoris and the genitalia engorge with blood and change color. They are erectile tissues. When a woman's clitoris is stimulated and properly engorged, the internal portion of the clitoris is also engorged, making it easily available for internal stimulation through the walls of the vagina. The vagina itself has no pressure sensitive nerve endings. When properly engorged through clitoral stimulation the thunkspots inside of a woman (the commercially known G-spot is just one of these many thunkspots) can be stroked for much pleasure through penetration whether done manually or during intercourse.

Most people when they talk about orgasm talk about the model of orgasm described in 1966 by Masters and Johnson in their book Human Sexual Response. In that book, both the male and female sexual response cycle is described as having four phases, all oriented toward an orgasm that lasts from 6 to 12 contractions, the orgasm being the release of tension.

More recent research has determined that orgasm can be experienced as a sustained intense orgasm, for female orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris. Also both males and females can remain in the orgasmic phase for much longer than earlier studies indicate. Deliberate Orgasm research, by the Welcomed Consensus, using female orgasm as the model, is contributing to this new view of orgasm. It is now expanding in the mainstream.

Going beyond the traditional cultural approaches to sexuality greatly enhances the pleasure available to both women and men. Expanding one's view of orgasm increases one's ability to experience intense pleasure with a richer connection and a more enjoyable sex life. Orgasm at the first touch expanded into a continuous state of orgasm is easily experienced.

These gratifying contemporary orgasmic experiences are explained and illustrated in the Deliberate Orgasm Video Collection. This unique set of educational female orgasm videos shows a man and a woman creating this new kind of orgasm in her body. All of the concepts that are demonstrated with female orgasm in the videos also apply to creating that type of orgasm in a man's body.

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