Retreats and Courses

Sensuality Retreats Especially scheduled and designed for first time visitors...
  • 3-Day Sensuality Retreat

    The fundamentals of our philosophy in sensuality, communication and a demonstration of a woman in orgasm for one hour.

  • Exploration in Sensuality Retreat

    A extended customized retreat with personal attention and coaching to take you to the next level in communication, friendship, sensuality and in having and producing better orgasm.

  • Women's Retreat

    Designed for those who want straight-forward winning viewpoints, this retreat provides the information and experiences for women to get more enjoyment out of sex, relationships and their daily life.

  • Couples Retreat

    Imagine a couples retreat that can transform a relationship into a lifelong date with a sex life that keeps on getting better.

Retreat Format and Travel Information

Basic Courses For local new students...

Tuition listed is applicable for courses taught in the San Francisco Bay Area only.
If you are interested in hosting a course in your area, contact us.

Advanced Courses All courses listed have prerequisites of one or more of our introductory courses.

Partners are not necessary to attend most of our courses.

Confirmation Courses Our upper level courses.

Partners are not necessary to attend most of our courses.

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