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Common Sensuality Basic More Info
Observation of Intense Coming Basic More Info
Communication Course Basic More Info
Touch and Look Course Advanced More Info
Beauty and the Beast Advanced More Info
Charm School Intensive Advanced More Info
The Green Eyed Monster Advanced More Info
Come Together Advanced More Info
Group Assessment Program Advanced More Info
Absolution Advanced More Info

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We offer courses that are especially scheduled and designed for first time students that explore the fundamentals of our philosophy in sensuality and communication.

These courses are for those who want straight-forward, winning viewpoints. The information and experiences provide students with viewpoints to build gratifying relationships, and intensify and lengthen sensual experience.

Advanced and upper level courses require prerequisites of one or more of the basic courses.

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Retreats Location
3-Day Sensuality Retreat Northern California More Info
Exploration in Sensuality Retreat Northern California More Info
Work Study Program Northern California More Info

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The Welcomed Consensus’ research over the last two decades has specialized in female orgasm. It has resulted in the instructors creating their lives and relationships for the better.

Their innate knowingness that there was more to life, to sex, and to relationships spurred the twenty years of research. Making fun choices moment-by-moment by applying what they have discovered has exponentially increased their enjoyment in life.

Now through their courses and retreats, they have shared this information with thousands of similarly desirous people.

Through straight-forward discussion, they will present pleasure-oriented ways of living and relating. They will describe Deliberate Orgasm. In addition, in a clinical setting, trained instructors will demonstrate a one-hour orgasm using the D.O. technique.

This unique experience will demonstrate their research in female orgasm and provide an expansive view of the sensual potential for women. Their experience is that what one person can do, another person can do too.

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Have a Welcomed Coach be your guide in having the life you desire. Starting from where you are now, a coach will provide straightforward winning viewpoints to create a more gratifying life.

Do you feel there is something more you want to have? Do you want a clear idea of how to get there, especially when it comes to sensuality and relationships? This is where your coach will talk with you to clarify your vision, set goals and facilitate achieving them.

Those who are new to exploring sensuality will gain a foundation for fun and more intimacy. Those who already have training will hone their skills in reaching higher. All will come away with the tools to succeed.

Ready to start? Your free 15 minute introductory call is an opportunity for you and a Welcomed Coach to get to know each other and together develop a coaching plan based on your unique desires. Most people benefit from 3 to 6 sessions.

Welcomed coaches guide a range of individuals:

  • Newcomers
  • DVD owners
  • BenchMark participants
  • Members
  • Students who have attended one or more courses
  • Sensuality Coaches and Trainers looking to enhance their current practice

Coaching is available to any and all, single or partnered.

Begin your journey today.

A Welcomed coach is the voice of confidence for having everything you want and knowing exactly how to go about getting it.

  • Learn winning ways to communicate with the opposite sex
  • Become informed on the dynamics of having a fun relationship
  • Incorporate Deliberate Orgasm into your life
  • Overcome resistance to having pleasure
  • Explore your sensual potential
  • Research the female model of orgasm
  • Create a sex life that keeps on getting better
  • Have more connection with the people in your life
  • Become skilled at making pleasurable offers
  • Rekindle the sex in your relationship
  • Become skilled at pleasurably asking for what you want
  • Build a more pleasurable life all around you
  • "I am so grateful to the Welcomed Consensus for the coaching that I have received. I have done several sessions over several months, both in person and by phone.

    I liked that I was able to get immediate feedback and ask follow up questions, on the spot. It has been great to have the individual attention of the coaches and know that I was being given the information in a way that was tailored to reach me, where I was at that moment in my life.

    On some level, I have always known that the viewpoints the Welcomed Consensus shares were available to me. Through the coaching, I was able to get clarity on the information they were sharing. I got reality checks as I related the information to experiences that I had already had and set new goals for experiences I wanted to have. When I started applying the information to my life, the coaches guided me along the way.

    I'm achieving my goals and having so much fun!"

    Stephen, Attorney

Customized packages are available upon request.

Ready for a new, winning approach to pleasure, sexuality and relationships? Discover the practice of DOing.

  • Learn the DOing Essentials and its straightforward winning viewpoints.
  • You can have it whether single or in a relationship.
  • You can attend online or by phone from anywhere in the world.
  • Take the first step to experience it today.
  • There is more on your path of DOing. Begin here.

Through lecture, personal coaching and experiential exercises, learn about:

  • The difference between sensuality and sexuality
  • Winning communication practices for all areas of life
  • Responsible hedonism
  • Common stereotypes and misconceptions regarding pleasure
  • Methods to intensify and lengthen pleasure
  • Women’s heat cycles
  • DOing a woman with Deliberate Orgasm
  • DOing a man with Deliberate Orgasm

The DOing Essentials Teleclass is held twice a week for three weeks. Each class is 40-60 minutes.

What do men get out of the class?
  • Get smarter about sex
  • Find out what women want
  • Learn how to seduce a woman
  • Learn to ask for precisely what you want
  • DOing a Woman/DOing a Man with Deliberate Orgasm
  • Learn about women’s heat cycles
  • Learn how to put your non-judgmental attention on a woman
  • Learn how to talk to a woman and give her what she wants
What do women get out of the class?
  • Create more pleasure in your life deliberately
  • Learn to ask for precisely what you want
  • Enjoy your body exactly as it is
  • DOing a Woman/DOing a Man with Deliberate Orgasm
  • Learn about women’s heat cycles
  • Get in touch with your desire for sensual contact and sex
Q. What is a Teleclass?

A. The Teleclass is training that is conducted over the telephone like a conference call. You can take the class from anywhere in the world! The Teleclass format is an excellent way to learn useful tools and techniques and develop them on an ongoing basis.

Teleclasses take place via conference call from any regular phone, anywhere. You do not need a computer during the tele-class.

You will need access to the internet between classes for additional course materials such as articles, audio and video clips and to interact with the teachers about the lecture and your experiential exercises.

Q. What is the DOing Essentials / Sensuality Teleclass?

A. It is a training program that allows participants to learn, digest, apply, and integrate new information and skills over time.

Q. Why consider a Teleclass?

A. We offer sensuality Teleclasses for a variety of reasons:

  • Train with an expert educator in sensuality and pleasurable living from any location
  • Incorporate pleasurable viewpoints into your daily life
  • Have a private learning environment
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Eliminate travel time and expense

Q. Is this a new approach to training?

A. Teleclasses have been around for over 15 years. They are a cost-effective and time-efficient way to learn that allow people to stay in their own environment and fully participate in the learning process. The person who facilitates the call is a trained and experienced teleclass leader.

Q. What is teleclass technology?

A. A teleclass is a training technology that allows multiple people to be on a phone line together. Think of it as a giant virtual conference call/classroom. From the privacy of their home, each participant dials a phone number and is allowed to “enter” a classroom via the telephone. The participant announces themselves and then is able to hear the class lecture. Participants are provided with course materials in the sensuality Teleclass resource box after each session.

Q. Will someone learn as much from a teleclass as they do from a traditional classroom training experience?

A. Participants can actually learn and apply just as much in a teleclass format. New skills and knowledge are integrated over time as part of a process. What is learned can be practiced and applied over the duration of the series and after it is complete.

Each session will present lecture and concepts to consider. Participants are encouraged to give comments and ask questions online after each session. The Teleclass also includes three coaching calls with the Teleclass instructors where participants can discuss course material and ask questions. The result is high interaction and active participation.

Participants are expected to come to each call prepared and ready to engage and be engaged with the material.

Q. How does a typical teleclass call work?

A. A few minutes prior to the start of the call, each participant dials the number and is greeted by the person facilitating the call. Then the instructor will begin the teleclass.

Q. What is the cost of the actual phone call per participant?

A. The phone cost for each participant is whatever you normally pay for a long distance call.

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