BenchMark Events

A BenchMark is a deliberately-created social event at which attendees are invited to play basic structured communication games.

BenchMarks provide a common meeting ground for friends and an opportunity to meet new people who have been to other events and are interested in or have taken courses.

BenchMarks are typically held once a week in the evening. Locations change periodically. If you want to attend a BenchMark check the calendar for details or contact a current BenchMark host through Meetup Groups listed below.

West Coast BenchMark Meetup

Our Community

As part of living the material that we teach, we're actively building a community of people who, to varying degrees, participate by attending BenchMarks, taking Courses and Retreats, being our friends and, in some cases, living with us.

Some have chosen to be active participants, both as supporters in delivering our retreats and courses, and also as ambassadors to give others a better picture of how the body of information we teach can make people's lives better.

Are you curious, interested in more? Take a look at the GAP - Group Assessment Program.

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