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Posted by Robin on November 11, 1998 at 13:41:

In Reply to: Re: Clit and masturbation posted by angel on June 14, 1998 at 11:43:

YES... YOUR CLIT CAN BE ENLARGED..... Hi, Im Robin... Ive had a fairly large CLIT, but wanted one bigger. I like exposeing my self & letting my CLIT stick out from between the pussy lips. Its a great turn on, for me... First of all... DONT wear panties, nor any tight pants.. That smashes the CLIT & prevents its growth... Wear short dresses without your panties, and PULL your CLIT as far out as possible, all through out your daily tasks. When sitting, keep your legs spread open so your CLIT wont get smashed by your pussy lips... When possible, clip a clothes pin on your CLIT... then some small weights on it. That pulls the CLIT skin out & helps it grow larger... I wear this set-up at night around my house for about an hour & also again in the mornings.... I constitantly pull on my CLIT through out my daily duties......I always sit with my pussy lips spread open so not to smash my CLIT... Also, when someone sucks my CLIT... they suck it so hard it almost hurts... Now that I have helped my CLIT grow larger, I love to show it off. My friends love to see how it has changed to a larger size and anxious to see if it gets larger. Im not embarrassed to sit in public for strangers to see it.... as a matter of fact... I get turned on knowing its being viewed. My large CLIT enables me to reach a climax several times in one night... It definitely is worth all the trouble to make it grow... I once was a no CLIT, too & know what youre going through. Good luck to you... and remember to keep on PULLING it....

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