"...showing a man touching a woman's genitals with such attentive precision, creating pleasurable sensation in her body continuously..."

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Posted by Ken on September 24, 2005 at 20:06:

Deliberate Orgasm - Expending Female Orgasm was the video that completely changed my sex life and I am thrilled to see it now on DVD. I had never heard or even thought of a man touching a woman’s genitals with such attentive precision as is shown in this video, that he could create that kind of pleasurable sensation in her body continuously for as long as they both want it. I had never heard or believed that women could be in orgasm right from the beginning to the end until I saw it in this video. My partner had seen it and really wanted me to watch it and do it to her.
Pretty soon, I was giving her better orgasm consistently than I had ever given any woman before. I watched it again recently and there is still more wealth of information about how to do a woman. The instructors describe in details what they are doing and feeling throughout the demonstration, answering very good questions from the audience. Any man who wants to get his woman off better, any woman who wants her man to know how to touch her, there is not a better place to start than this video.

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