Clit Board! Guidelines

We recommend that you check out our homepage, so you can get a feel for what we are about.

This is a private board and is mostly, maintained for our students. The general public may read and post to the Clit Board!, however, editing is at our discretion.

If you would like to post to the Clit Board! contact us and we'll send you a password. (This is not the same as a members password; it's strictly for posting to the Clit Board!.)

The Welcomed Consensus has some viewpoints about sensuality/spirituality, relationships, orgasm and how people relate to each other that may be uniquely ours.

Please read and follow these simple guidelines:

Post "interested" follow ups. An "interested" follow up would comment directly to the post with your full attention on the intent of the post and would not bring the readers' attention to the person making the follow up post. e.g. If a woman asks other women about circumcision, we will assume, that's what she wants, not a guy telling her how much more he likes to have his cock stroked now, than before circumcision, we would consider a follow up like that "interesting" and delete it.

Please use a first name rather than a "handle".

Honesty is important, please do not misrepresent your gender.

Do not post advertisements without our express permission.

WE WILL NOT RECOMMEND OR DISCUSS DRUGS, SURGERY, or mechanical devices to modify genitals or behavior.

Penis size, fisting, "how do I get my girlfriend to X" and prolonging male ejaculation with Prozac, have been fully discussed and some will be archived. Please do not post new questions on these topics, since most of us are tired of seeing them. Messages referring to bestiality, underage or violent sex will be deleted. This is in the interest of allowing room for other subjects on the board, and preventing pranksters from wasting our time. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The Clit Board! and The Archives contain a wealth of information. Since 1996 we've kept or archived the best material that's appeared. Newcomers will benefit by reading the previous discussions before posting.

Personal attacks are not permitted.

When posting follow ups delete all of the post you are not referring to, and all "yeah, me too" posts will be deleted.

While we recognize that it is a constitutional right to express oneself in any manner one sees fit, The Welcomed Consensus also embraces the viewpoint that any establishment may refuse service to anyone. This is an internet establishment.

If you feel these requests are unreasonable, unethical, picky, arrogant, piqued, obsessive, condescending, patronizing, not sophisticated enough, too sophisticated, too romantic, not romantic enough, not scientific enough, too scientific, too clinical, not clinical enough, think that having pleasurable (winning) life experience is no basis for teaching these courses, if you think that HAVING FUN is not an honorable goal, if you think FANTASTIC ORGASM leads to indigence and destitution we recommend...

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see: Jane's 'net sex guide, where we recieved a Jane's 'net sex guide

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